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Akazukin Chacha
(Red Riding-hood Chacha)
by Ayahana Min [Ê‰Ô‚Ý‚ñ]

Publisher: Shueisha
Genre: comedy, fantasy, shoujo
Length: 13 volumes
Status: Active

Chacha is the disciple of the world's greatest magician, Seravy. However, she herself is still anything but great. An apprentice witch, Chacha always manages to mess up her spells and bring about disaster. With the companionship of her friends Riiya, a strong wolf-boy, and Shiine, a fellow apprentice, Chacha continues on her wacky journey of becoming a better magician.

  • Current rating
Rating: 4.65 stars from 20 votes


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[2006-04-06]Volume 01 Chapter 001 (Introducing Chacha, The Red-hooded Magician)
[2006-08-12]Volume 01 Chapter 002 (The Giant Muscled Demon Of Mochimochi Mountain!?)
[2007-01-06]Volume 01 Chapter 003 (The Snacks Witch, Cream, Zansu!?)
[2007-05-24]Volume 01 Chapter 004 (Pretty Mermaid Marin Appears!?)
[2007-05-24]Volume 01 Chapter 005 (I'm Kopett, The Old Man From The Puppet Mansion!!)
[2007-12-23]Volume 02 Chapter 006 (It's The World's Coolest Vampire, Kyuu-chan!)
[2007-12-26]Volume 02 Chapter 007 (It's The Genius Scientist, Doctor Mikeneko's First Appearance! Nya-!!)
[2008-05-24]Volume 02 Chapter 008 (In Comes The Twin Magicians, Kankan And Ranran!)
[2008-05-24]Volume 02 Chapter 009 (Search For The Age Increasing Potion)
[2008-05-25]Volume 02 Chapter 010 (Chacha Vs. Seravy, The Final Showdown!?)
[2008-05-27]Volume 02 Chapter 011 (Black Riding Hood Yakko-chan Appears)
[2008-10-31]Volume 03 Chapter 012 (First Showdown! Riiya Vs. Chacha)
[2009-02-15]Volume 03 Chapter 013 (Explosion Of Coldness! Oyuki-sensei, The Snow Woman, Appears)
[2009-05-25]Volume 03 Chapter 014 (Sea Monster Umibouko Appears)
[2009-05-25]Volume 03 Chapter 015 (The Big Athletic Festival At Urara Academy)
[2009-05-25]Volume 03 Chapter 016 (Dorothy's Little Sister!? Doris Appears.)
[2010-01-12]Volume 03 Chapter 017 (The Devil Cupid - Cupid Fell-chan Appears)
[2010-01-12]Volume 04 Chapter 018 (The Card Game King, Cartan, Appears)
[2010-03-14]Volume 04 Chapter 019 (Wizard Seravyfs Secret Birthday Story)
[2011-07-20]Volume 04 Chapter 020 (Dorothy Rescue Mission)
[2012-05-25]Volume 04 Chapter 021 (The Advancement Exam Is Tough)
[2012-07-24]Volume 04 Chapter 022 (Big Riot At The Zoo)
[2014-03-11]Volume 04 Extra (Chacha's Obstacle Course Skate Race)
[2014-06-17]Volume 05 Chapter 023 (Limestone Cave Monster Nyuunyuu)
[2014-10-01]Volume 05 Chapter 024 (The Feudal Lord Again...)
[2015-05-27]Volume 05 Chapter 024 Extra (Special Story (Chacha's Birthday Present))
[2014-12-04]Volume 05 Chapter 025 (Jason Appears At The Campground)
[2015-01-11]Volume 05 Chapter 025 Extra (Yakko-chan's Moment Of Love)
[2016-01-02]Volume 05 Chapter 026
[2016-01-02]Volume 05 Chapter 026 Extra