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Updated February 5, 2013

We're currently looking for:

- Editors for Angelique.
- Editors for Hime-chan no Ribon.

- Webdesigner/webadmin experienced with Wordpress and coding php. Apply under MangaArt Nerd.
- IRC file host for the releases. Apply under MangaArt Nerd.

- Experienced Editors, Japanese Translators, and QCers for any other Active Projects to make releases faster.

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2014 Greetings
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meow~ How is everyone? :)

Thank you MAers! Somehow we've made it to 2014. Woo~ =^O^=

We are in desperate need for more editors and QCers though. So please join us!

*Spots catnip* =^O.O^= Oooooh~~~~~

*Skates away~~~~*

New releases are only available on IRC ( IRC Help

Happy 11th birthday, MangaArt!
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greetings, everyone! Over the weekend we celebrated 11 years as a scanlation group. It feels great that we are still around, although I must apologize that the last year hasn't been the most productive for us. Hopefully those of you who enjoy our projects and are waiting patiently for releases are still hanging in there! ^_^*

Anyway, to celebrate our anniversary, today we bring to you 2 chapters of the ultra-adorable Hime-chan no Ribon. We are rapidly winding down to the end of the series! Then where will we all get our fix of Mizusawa Megumi cuteness? Am I the only one who can't get enough of her work? I would LOVE to see the scanlation of some of her other series, such as Toe Shoes or Kami-sama no Orgel, get picked up by some group someday, but unfortunately it's the most we can manage right now to bring you Hime. We're really committed to finishing it up soon, though, so hang in there guys! And spread the Mizusawa Megumi love~!

As I implied in the previous paragraph, MangaArt is hurting for staff right now. Being an 11 year old group, many of our staff are now adults out of school with less free time, so we would love to recruit some new, young staff to help us continue our projects (or old crotchety staff are fine too if they have time!!). If you want to see more of the things we work on, apply to join us! All positions are open except proofreader.

C'mon, c'mon, go, go, jump!


It's still a new year though! So, Happy New Year! o/ Or more like, Happy New Lunar Year for this Sunday! Hope everyone had some break over Christmas. We at MA were too busy partying (if only!) from before from Christmas, to immi's birthday (happy belated birthday immi), and now today, keppim's birthday! Happy birthday Kepp!

Before I talk about the release, I just want to acknowledge a special secret squirrel who worked their acorns off to get our website up and running after moving hosts - I bet no one noticed any down time! Also, for that squirrel to do this release for you all - even tho I wrote up this post.

Also, to |]esmond who sacrificed much of his sleep time and dealing with my whippings for edits! (No no, I'm not really *that* violent... *hides whip*) And of course all of our other lovely MA staffers as well~ <3

Now~ The Wild Kingdom is an experimental project. It is also a shounen (boys) manga. It dates back from 2006 in the ShounenArt era. So it's OLD (just like kepp is now! *hides*). We have just finished working on it over the past almost decade, and releasing all the trans that we have (still have raws tho). We have no plans to continue this project as we lack resources to do so. So if you find you really love this project, please join us!

If you have applied in the past, and have not gotten a reply from us, please apply again! Some of the applications went into the spam folder. T__T Otherwise, you'll hear from one of us soon!

Well, enjoy! Oh, and, kepp wants to know;

    <!keppim> anybody use botox before?
    <!keppim> D:

Until next time~!

Quick Update and Happy New Year!
Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope everyone's holidays went well!

Well, we're off to a new year and we still haven't released anything in the past couple of months... Sorry! :< So anyway, just a quick update of what's going on.

1) Our current hosting plan is expiring soon, so we're looking for a new host! If you know of any good (and cheap) hosts you can recommend, do let me know! Our current one is too expensive.. :< Speaking of which, that also means we're also happily accepting donations to help ease the burden of financing a webhost! If you have some extra cash to spare, please feel free to donate on the left~

2) Related to #1, we (I) will be spending the next couple weeks at least working on backing up and restoring our site to whatever new host we choose. I'll probably also try to work on getting a new site up too... We've been planning to move our site to Wordpress for so long now, but I've been putting it off since I'm really bad at it... If you happen to be good at managing sites and working with Wordpress, please contact us! I really need all the help I can get, or else this might take forever... :(

3) Of course, we're still slowly working on stuff. You can find out our current progress here: MangaArt Progress Board. This is something new I'm trying, just so readers can also see what we're working on. You might even be able to vote on which one you want to see next (I haven't tried the voting feature yet)! We use something else to mainly manage our work, so this will only be updated occasionally when I feel like it. As you can see, our editing queue is HUGE. We have quite a backlog of things to edit... So if you can edit, please consider joining us! Unfortunately, I don't have time to train any new editors at the moment, and Suyara, our semi-retired Editing Goddess, is rather busy too.

4) Regarding downloads... I'm hoping with the new webhost, we'll be able to fix our downloads again so that you guys can download all our works. In line with that, I'll see if I can fix my IRC fserve and get a new fserve of some sorting running on our channel... so we can finally get an archive of our releases on the channel... If anyone can set up an IRC fserve/xdcc bot on our channel to host our files, please PM immi (or any of the other !admins) in the channel!

Summary: We are looking for a new webhost, especially one that allows manga files (any recommendations?); a site administrator/webdesigner/Wordpress expert; more experienced editors; an IRC file host.

So yeah, lots to do... We're all pretty busy here at MA, but hopefully we can get things back on track again~ Here's to a good year for MA!

Simply the best~
Monday, September 03, 2012

I feel so fortunate tonight that I have people around me who still love MangaArt's projects, and also can help me out to update the IRC channel topic when I couldn't~ (thanks whiteboo)!.

Though, sometimes it's a little lonely here and everyone's so busy now that I wonder if MA will survive for another year? Please help keep MA alive by joining us~. In particular, we're looking for j trans, editors and QCers~.

In the meantime, enjoy the chapter that people slav-... err.. helped do~.

AND, please bug keppim to edit faster! Seems like I alone am not enough~ *hides whip~* ohoho~