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MangaArt initially started out as a private mailing list founded by MiMi-chan at the beginning of 2002. In her quest to expose people to the world of manga, she gathered some people from her mailing list, and they began "scanlating" manga, which was then distributed to the mailing list members. However, to further spread the love outside of the mailing list, this founding group of people soon formed the group Rebellious Angels and expanded their releases through #MangaProject on IRC. Eventually on May 24, 2002, the name of the group was changed to MangaArt, and a permanent #MangaArt channel was set up.

Some time in 2003, ShounenArt--a shounen division--was formed and ran by bgarion and MidnightStar to deviate from the shoujo goodness MangaArt was well known for. However, ShounenArt eventually broke off from MangaArt and became the current Manga-Mania.

So for a period of time, MangaArt continued as a shoujo-only group. However, some staff members became restless and felt that just doing shoujo wasn't enough. Wanting to dabble with other genres of manga, not just shounen like the previous ShounenArt, they decided to create a whole new division. Taking the idea of the initial Rebellious Angels, the name RebelliousArt was decided on and formed on January 29, 2006. Hence, RebelliousArt ventures where MangaArt refuses to tread, doing projects of a variety of genre ranging from smut to shounen.

Eventually through all the hard work of scanning, translating, and editing, MangaArt grew to be what you see today. There have been a few hiccups along the way, but we are still scanlating. Please support us and the mangakas as well! Without the mangakas, we wouldn't exist today. But most importantly, enjoy the releases.

About MangaArt
MangaArt is a shoujo scanlation group exisiting to expose you to all different kinds cute shoujo manga. It is a team of manga lovers working together to show you the efforts of their hard work, which includes scanning, translating, editing, proofreading, and quality checking as well as hosting. However, while this is a lot of work, this is still only a hobby, so please do NOT complain or bother us about the speed of our releases. However, we do welcome you to join us.

No profit is made from any of this. It is purely done for fans by fans. Therefore, do not sell or auction any of ours, or other scanlation groups', work. Please also support the author/manga by buying the original manga.

About RebelliousArt
Some of you may recall that MangaArt used to be the home to some rebellious angels. Now some have escaped and became MangaArt's fallen angels. In their rebellion, they even made their own division, an extension of ShounenArt.

So, what do these inferno, fallen angels do? They work hard to give you the manga that MangaArt was afraid to touch. That's right~! From shounen to smut shoujo and anything in between. That's RebelliousArt [RA] for you. So, anything with a [RA] tag means that it's not your standard MangaArt release. Enjoy!

We no longer have a subgroup to work on specific projects. MangaArt now does every type of project the staff wants to do, regardless of the genre.