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Q: When will there be more releases of [Series]?

A: We do not have a set schedule for releasing. We release as chapters are finished. The speed of a project will depend on staff availability. If you'd like to see a certain project released faster, you can always help us out by joining our group. We almost always will need more editors or Japanese translators. For more information about the different positions available, please view our Join Us page.

Q: How come I can't download [Series]?

A: There are two possible reasons. 1) The series is licensed. We do not host licensed series on our site. 2) The release is a new release, and therefore only available on IRC at the moment. It is our policy to wait at least a week before putting up http downloads for new releases. We do this to save bandwidth and of course populate our IRC channel. So if you want to get the new releases, you will either have to wait or come on IRC. For those of you who do not have IRC, we have a simple webchat you can use.

Q: What does it mean when a project is inactive?

A: It's synonymous to stalled. This just means that we're not currently working on the project, but we plan to some time in the future. The cause is usually a lack of resources (scans, translators, editors, etc.).

Q: Can I host your releases on my site?

A: Yes, as long as you follow these guidelines: 1) Credit us for the releases. 2) Link back to our site. 3) Do not alter our files in any way (do not change the filenames or take out any pages within the zips, credit pages included). 4) Wait at least a week to host new releases. 5) Let us know who you are and what you're hosting by sending a message through our contact form here.

Q: Can I translate [Series] into another language using your scans?

A: This will depend on the language you're translating to and if another group translating to the same language has already asked us for permission. What you will need to do is send us a message through our contact form here. Please include the following information: your group, your group's site, the language you're translating to, and the project you'd like to translate. If we say it's okay (which we usually do), then you'll need to link back to us and leave all forms of our credits in when you release. Credits mean credit pages (of course) and our logos.