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I Won't Forget This Love
(Kono Koi o Wasurenai)
by Multiple Authors

Publisher: Kodansha
Genre: shoujo
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Completed

A collection of one-shots by various authors.

"Ready Go!"
by Yoshii Yuu
I hate poor guys! And yet, when I went on a date, I fell in love with a guy who's a freelance worker... and he came to our date on a bicycle!?

"Peach Or Lemon"
by Kuramochi Mari
After a small coincidence, I fell in love with him, but it seems that he already has a girlfriend!? And here I was, thinking that this love was fated to be...

"The Flower That Blooms In You"
by Mitsuya Omi
Tsukina is secretly in love with her twin sister's boyfriend. After he lost his eyesight in an accident, she pretends to be her sister to take care of him, and then...

"Field Trip On Monday"
by Torikai Akane
Shino got confessed to by two girls on the same day. For now, he doesn't mind dating the first one...

"Snow, Piling Up Feelings"
by Kimura Ayako
Since I love him, I keep acting awkwardly around him and fall out of sorts with him...
This is a story about a sad and heart-warming first love.

"Senpai And His Girlfriend" ~Call My Name~
by Nanba Atsuko
My cool girlfriend won't call me by my first name... This is a very serious matter for a couple!

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Rating: 4.65 stars from 20 votes


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[2009-05-25]Volume 01 Chapter 002 (Peach Or Lemon)
[2009-09-21]Volume 01 Chapter 003 (The Flower That Blooms In You)
[2009-11-13]Volume 01 Chapter 004 (Field Trip On Monday)
[2010-05-26]Volume 01 Chapter 005 (Snow, Piling Up Feelings)
[2010-05-26]Volume 01 Chapter 006 (Senpai And His Girlfriend)