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W Pinch!!
(W Pinchi!!)
by Azuki Ryou [亜月亮]

Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Shoujo
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Completed

Joint: Da Gurlz Translationz

Kawai Arisa is a timid girl with a split personality. She used to be a super bully and commanded her army of "servants" to do things for her. Due to a freak accident, she has forgotten all her memories and turned into a crybaby who never sticks up for herself. Then, a new student shows up to seek revenge against her which makes Arisa revert to her former self.

  • Current rating
Rating: 4.58 stars from 19 votes


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Volume 01 Chapter 001
Volume 01 Chapter 002
Volume 01 Chapter 003
Volume 01 Chapter 004
Volume 01 Special (Arisa's Memory)
[2005-07-13]Volume 02 Chapter 005
[2005-09-11]Volume 02 Chapter 006
[2005-11-24]Volume 02 Chapter 007
[2006-01-29]Volume 02 Chapter 008
[2006-09-02]Volume 02 Chapter 009
[2007-05-24]Volume 02 Extra (The Dog That Wears Underpants & Julie ~secret Love Sign~)
[2007-11-24]Volume 03 Chapter 010
[2008-12-10]Volume 03 Chapter 011
[2009-04-22]Volume 03 Chapter 012
[2009-09-03]Volume 03 Chapter 013
[2009-12-11]Volume 03 Chapter 014
[2009-12-11]Volume 03 Extra (The Big Year-End Athletic Meet)
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Chapter 015
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Chapter 016
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Chapter 017
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Extra01 (The Inogami Family)
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Extra02 (I've Got To Go To School!)
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Extra03 (Dreadful Homework)
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Extra04 (Friend Diary)
[2009-12-26]Volume 04 Extra05 (Project X)