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Nagatachou Strawberry
by Sakai Mayu [酒井まゆ]

Publisher: Shueisha
Genre: Shoujo
Length: 5 volumes
Status: Completed

Ichinose Hime is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Japan, and because of this, she has been unable to lead a normal school life. Hoping to hide her title and lead a normal high school life and get a boyfriend, she moves to a high school far from her old school. However, after going through all of this trouble to cover up her identity, a boy named Kirihara Natsuno finds out her secret. Unfortunately for her, he isn't so willing to keep the secret if she doesn't pay up. Will Hime get to live out a normal high school life as she had wished, or will it be a repeat of history?

  • Current rating
Rating: 4.83 stars from 30 votes


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[2007-05-24]Volume 01 Chapter 001 Ver2
[2007-05-24]Volume 01 Chapter 002 Ver2
[2007-10-21]Volume 01 Chapter 003 Ver2
[2008-10-03]Volume 01 Chapter 004
[2008-11-16]Volume 01 Extra (December's Aria)
[2009-02-23]Volume 02 Chapter 005
[2009-04-06]Volume 02 Chapter 006
[2009-04-20]Volume 02 Chapter 007
[2009-05-01]Volume 02 Chapter 008
[2009-05-05]Volume 02 Chapter 009
[2009-05-05]Volume 02 Extra (Tamasaburou Of The Wind & Tamasaburou, A Glutton)
[2009-05-25]Volume 03 Chapter 010
[2009-05-25]Volume 03 Chapter 011
[2009-08-02]Volume 03 Chapter 012
[2009-08-23]Volume 03 Chapter 013
[2009-08-23]Volume 03 Extras
[2009-09-12]Volume 04 Chapter 014
[2009-10-22]Volume 04 Chapter 015
[2010-03-01]Volume 04 Chapter 016
[2010-04-23]Volume 04 Chapter 017
[2010-05-26]Volume 04 Chapter 018
[2012-02-15]Volume 05 Chapter 019
[2012-05-15]Volume 05 Chapter 020
[2012-05-25]Volume 05 Chapter 021
[2012-05-25]Volume 05 Extra01 (A Secretary <-> Tama Summer Day)
[2014-07-10]Volume 05 Extra02 (I Can't Use Magic)
[2015-10-21]Volume 05 Extra03 (Baby, Fake Fur)