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Hyper Police
(Haipaa Porisu)
by MEE [みいくん]

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Genre: shounen, action
Length: 10 volumes
Status: Licensed

Licensed. This was a ShounenArt project.

From Tokyopop:
It is the year 22 H.C. (Holy Century). Shinjuku is populated by monsters and goblins. Humans are endangered and the town is rife with crime. Natsuki Sasahara is a rookie at the Police Company and a newbie bounty hunter. Scouted by her superior, Batanen Fujioka the werewolf, she is half-human, half-catbeast with magical powers, and is slowly getting the hang of the business...

  • Current rating
Rating: 5.00 stars from 1 votes


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[2003-10-18]Volume 01 Chapter 001
[2003-10-30]Volume 01 Chapter 002
[2003-11-13]Volume 01 Chapter 003
[2003-12-24]Volume 01 Chapter 004